13-15 March 2020

City, University London

DrupalCamp London are looking for understudies

DrupalCamp London is a registered Community Interest Company run by a team of 8 people. For next years event we're looking for people who want to learn how we plan and organise the event who will then be able to take on responsibility for organising the event in future (with our guidance).

How we work

Each of the eight committee members take on responsibility for various aspects of the camp, meeting regularly and communicating updates. For larger decisions a vote is taken with a majority needed to approve the decision (with a minimum 50% needed to vote). Financial decisions need a vote and sign off from the company directors due to liability reasons.

Planing usually starts in September with monthly meetings, converting to weekly in January until the camp weekend.

Six of the committee members are volunteers who donate their time and expertise to organise and run the camp.

Your Role

For the next camp your main role will be carrying out assigned tasks and learning how the camp is organised/run. Ideally each member of the committee will have an understudy to learn their role, however duties can (and often do) overlap in order to ensure the camp is as successful as the last 7 years and continues to be so. You'll be able to get involved, offer your input and ideas on how the camp is run and help improve it to be even better.

Taking on understudies will be a big change for us, and whilst we complete the transition we will need to learn and adapt how we work.

The role is non-paid, though some expenses may be paid.  

Time Requirements

  • 1hr meetings (via hangout/in person. Monthly until Jan, then weekly until the event)
  • Ad hoc time to complete tasks
  • Thurs evening before the camp for setup.
  • Fri-Sun over the camp 7/8am - 6pm each day.

Work includes:

Depending on the role you take your tasks may differ. Below are a list of some of our combined tasks we undertake when organising the camp. When applying please reference which tasks you would suit your skills/abilities.

  • Communicating with attendees (email/Twitter/mailchimp).
  • Communicating with potential and confirmed sponsors.
  • Communicating with speakers (keynotes, cxo, and session)
  • Leading volunteers and organising volunteer duties over the weekend
  • Updating and maintaining the website (UX, backend, frontend)
  • Creating and updating site content
  • Creating marketing material (stickers, poster etc)
  • Designing materials used for the camp (t-shirts, tote bags, banners, etc)
  • Updating and maintaining our social media presence (primarily Twitter)
  • Session voting and selection
  • Accounting for DrupalCamp London expenses/finances.

To apply

Please fill out the form below, applications close on the at 12pm on 29th April. We will then review all applications and get in touch with everything that week/week after.


If you have any questions please email us at info@drupalcamplondon.co.uk or tweet us @DrupalCampLDN

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