13-15 March 2020

City, University London

14.00 - 14.45

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Auto updates, an update!

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In 2019, the Drupal Association lead an initiative to bring Automatic Updates to Drupal. The first phase of that work is complete. Join us for a presentation about where we are today, what’s next, and how to get involved in this initiative.

Implementing an automatic updates system is no small feat, especially for a project as mature and architecturally complex as Drupal. There are many different factors that have to be considered:

  • Supporting both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8

  • Ensuring that sites are ready to safely & securely receive updates

  • Managing the transitional state of Drupal, where some installations use Composer, and some do not

In this session we’ll focus on:

  • Some of Drupal’s history

  • Why the Automatic Updates initiative is important

  • Where we are today

  • What’s next

  • How we are avoiding creating more surface area for risk

  • And how you can get involved

The Automatic Updates Initiative was an effort done in collaboration by the Drupal Association, the European Commission, Acquia, Pantheon, MTech, and Tag1Consulting. We particularly want to thank contributor mbaynton, for his work on the architecture of the signing oracle.

A similar session discussing the complexities of implementing a secure signing infrastructure for the update services being delivered by Drupal.org is also being submitted by Neil Drumm at Drupal Dev Days.

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Have you spoken at DrupalCamp London before?
Previous speaking experience
I have given several Drupal related talks at Drupal GovCon and participated in panel discussions at several DrupalCons NA and EU.
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Design a CI and CD workflow for both front-end and the Drupal back-end in a Decoupled Drupal solution

Scheduled day
  • Basic understanding of a CI tool like Jenkins.
  • Basic understanding of the docker containers system.


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A typical Drupal website today needs a moderately sized team. In fact, there would most likely be more than one team in case of Decoupled Drupal solutions. A team of any size (even size of one) needs automation and standard workflows. There is probably no developer workflow for automation more ubiquitous than using continuous integration in some fashion.

In the vast landscape of CI/CD tools available today, it is difficult to pick the right tool or even the right workflow for your team. In this session, I will talk about one workflow we adopted for a recent Decoupled Drupal solution with multi-site architecture and multiple front-ends. I will describe how we use Jenkins to run builds and deployments to certain environments for an Acquia Cloud Site Factory hosted Drupal back-end and multiple Angular front-end websites hosted on multiple cloud providers. We will also discuss the testing strategy for the code before deployment.

Further, we will discuss specific methods where we can reuse the Jenkins pipeline definition code in multiple repositories to help maintainability. We will talk about how we would use Docker to run containers with a specific build and test tools rather than installing it on the Jenkins server and using tools like BLT as part of this process.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What components are required in building a build toolchain.

  • Using Jenkins to configure builds and writing a scripted pipeline.

  • Use Docker to run tools without installing it on the Jenkins server.

  • Share pipeline code across multiple repositories for back-end and front-end.

  • Deploying code and even provision infrastructure conditionally and securely.

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Have you spoken at DrupalCamp London before?
Previous speaking experience
I have spoken at various DrupalCons, camps, meetups, and internal webinars. I have spoken at the last two DrupalCamps in London as well.





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