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Your Role in the Future of Freedom



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“There is no such thing as a little freedom. Either you are all free, or you are not free.” – Walter Cronkite

Computers increasingly control our lives but who controls the computers? Even Elon Musk warns AI could become ‘an immortal dictator from which we would never escape’. So what to do? Many talk about legislation but legislation often happens after bad things occur, and as recent history shows the rules will be broken even to fiddle vehicle emissions tests.

A different potential timeline is for all code to be available to be checked at any time in order to see and understand what it is doing and to alter how it works in order to better suit our needs whatever they may be at the time. The Free Software movement was founded to grow code which respects these user freedoms and this has enabled the growth of thousands of community projects across the world who share the code they use for their computing, one of the largest of which is the web application framework Drupal.

You don’t have to know how to code to leverage the power of Drupal, you have to know how to collaborate. In fact most Free Software projects need far more help with non-code areas such as marketing and product development. But where do you fit in this process?

In this session I will introduce two life tools I discovered fifteen years ago at the same time I discovered Drupal:

  • Talent Dynamics profiling, and
  • Core Process

Talent Dynamics origins are in the I Ching and point to where your natural frequency is - your ‘flow’ state, i.e. what it is you do naturally without any effort. I’m a ’Star’ profile which means I naturally promote other people’s products and services, hence why you’ll always see me wearing some kind of Drupal apparel 😉 Core Process delves into what you do and why - my core process is “fostering connections in order to evolve”.

As well as helping teams to collaborate more effectively, for me the combination of Free Software and Drupal and knowing my Star profile and my Core Process of fostering connections changed my life, enabled me to travel the world and leverage my value when and where I can in order to help maintain and grow the community. Where could the knowledge of how to utilise these tools take you?

The future of Freedom is our responsibility, with Free Software we have the technology right now to be able to build a fairer future for all.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” – Ronald Reagan

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The era of Privacy beyond GDPR and the toolset providing you peace of mind

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Beyond GDPR, there is an opportunity to build a competitive advantage. We've seen firsthand how being more transparent with users and giving them greater control over the processing of their personal data, while exhibiting responsibility and professionalism, can become a value proposition for your organization. 

The Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal was a game-changer. Since then, the global awareness of privacy has been heightened and thanks to GDPR the potential impact of improper personal data handling is higher than ever. In addition to the first wave of fines of GDPR big data leaks - British Airways, T-Mobile, Quora, Marriott, Google, and Orbitz as some examples of the major culprits - the topic has continued to remain relevant in the news and made more and more people aware of data protection issues. 

As the maintainers of the Drupal GDPR module, an open source personalized cookie consent solution and other privacy-related solutions, we realized quite early on how important it is to have a strategy in place. In this session, our aim is to summarize our experiences and to give you an overview of the existing tools you can use to gain not only peace of mind in working towards compliant, but also giving our listeners an opportunity to generate value for their sites and users

Our session will be a major update and revamp of our session presented at the DrupalEurope in Darmstadt.

Slides on Google slides.

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Where Sparks Fly


None really, but an interest in alternative Social Networks would make this session really interesting.

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There is an urgent need for a new model for social networking.

The age of shareholder profit-driven, advertising-led platforms is starting to feel outmoded, especially given Facebook's technical limitations and the growing fears about misuse of information.

The future of social networking and community building is actually quite simple. It must lie in a smarter business model that is free of algorithms and sponsored posts and doesn’t harvest and exploit data. It should be a model that values its members and looks to empower and engage them.

Campfire Convention was founded and is led by social entrepreneur Pete Lawrence, the man behind pioneering record label Cooking Vinyl in the 80s, and Big Chill festivals in the 90s, which had a thriving forum and online community even before Facebook. 

Pete has built a track record in galvanising and inspiring communities and his vision for the future of social networking is very much based upon working collectively for conscious social change from the grassroots upwards. ‘What can we build together for the common good?’ rather than ‘What’s in it for me?'

The network was built in Drupal 7 from 2016 to 2018. It is now being ported to the Open Social Distribution on Drupal 8. Lessons learned are being integrated and a leaner model is being adopted as well as potentially being adapted to meet the needs of like-minded communities and groups such as Extinction Rebellion.

This session will explain the ethos and ideas behind Campfire Convention, the technical challenges we have faced in this exciting project and how society and the Drupal community can benefit individually and collectively from its success.

I come to Campfire because I’m interested in new social ideas, how we can run the world, how we can think differently about things." Brian Eno, Campfire patron

If you have an interest in social networks, creative communities or progressive solutions there should be something in this session for you.

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Measures for Products -- Weighing Drupal Projects for Success


There is no specific knowledge requirement for attendees but if they have an experience with Project Management that will be advantageous.

Audience to this session could be

  • My self managed developer friends

  • Project Managers/Scrum Masters

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Project Reporting is not only limited to the Development team. There are a lot of branches to it as how to really get an insight for the health of a Project. These metrics and reports are helpful for everyone in the team (Stakeholders, Developers, Team Lead, Product Manager/Owners) to understand the progress and things which have to be improved be it achieving high ROI and having a high customer happiness index

In my talk I am going to cover:

  • How can Gantt Chart helps you in looking through the timelines and creating a vision to not only stakeholders but also to teams

  • How to foresee risks for your project with the use of Burndown Chart, Risk Management Reports.

  • What should an ideal weekly/bi-weekly/monthly report contain.

  • How can Planning, Mid Sprint and End Sprint Reports help a team and what they should contain.

  • How Retrospective helps in success of project/product and teams

  • What are the various retrospective techniques that can be applied to bring results to table

  • How to measure defects, depict defect trends and create awareness among teams to subsequently reduce them



After this session you be able to measure the project health, scope and deviation using  some metrics , stats and radiate project health across teams

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Case Study -- Building a platform that empowers clinicals by modernising dental practice

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Problem Area:

We see technology is evolving rapidly still dental offices are working manually without leveraging this rapidly changing technology. In this fast-paced world this is not just taking a lot of of man-hours and hence money but also leading to bottlenecked processes. One of the most affected areas is the procurement process, which is often based on manual entry and a lot of paperwork all around involving paper invoices, forms etc.

There is a need for a modern ordering system that can do away with existing time-consuming and costly process and increases productivity and scalability.This is where we decided to build this platform.

Why Drupal was chosen & how it helped:

While there are exiting marketplaces that specialize in providing e-commerce platforms, none of them fits exactly into an office’s ordering processes adding manual additional steps for approval making it time-consuming and less efficient.

Drupal enabled building a platform that takes the stress out of supply procurement by providing an online ordering system that is smart enough to fit in the custom needs of a particular organization and can be expanded and customized on the top. With Drupal, all orders are organized and recorded in one location, and users can track real-time data to measure the practice’s KPIs and budgets.


What statistics say :

With manual procurement process

In order to determine the individual functions that users would want in a new system an audit was conducted at the dental office , auditing the manual state showed that procurement takes over 716 hours/month.

The ultimate goal was now not only to modernize the process that was creating bottlenecks in the purchasing but also minimize the loss in revenue and a bad patient experience by facilitating practice to perform the planned procedure at speed and avoid any reschedule due to time delays in manual process.

With ‘e’-procurement

The audit showed that platform can reduce the time it takes for any practice to place supply orders by about 76%.

With the development of this platform clinicals all cross the organization can enter the workspace by click of a button through either desktop or a mobile device at their ease.

An additional ‘e’ made that difference ;)

In our talk we will cover

  • Problem Area

  • Why was Drupal chosen and what differences it made

  • What makes this platform unique of its kind and benefits

  • Our journey during the transformation

  • Results - revenue,speed,empowerment

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Better Communication to Bridge the Tech-Business Gap

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The “Tech/Business Gap” is what we call the misunderstandings, for example, between the people building a technical product and the people who need to sell it. These often result in teams or individuals pulling in different directions within a company—even when everyone believes they’re working towards a common goal.

Among various factors that cause this “gap,” it often boils down to communication challenges. Even though we’re talking about internal problems, one path to success is building consensus via an external communications strategy.

In this presentation, I’ll talk about solving this problem by building a common vision and a plan for communicating it to the world. As a bonus, if successful, the resulting communication strategy will also help sell your products and services!

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How to start contributing to Drupal without code

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Not all of us are destined or even want an illustrious role as in core or contributed module developer. I don’t even know how to roll a patch and by now I’d be dangerous in git. If you've ever struggled to find a way to contribute this IS the session for you.

Session details

Why this session?

My passion has always been in non code contributions and I want to help those of you who have yet to find your outlet, or want to get more involved.

This session will be a bountiful selection of impactful ways you can start to contribute to Drupal outside of the code, sourced from community members across the globe and in all manner of interest areas, many you may have yet to realise. See yourself here? This session is for you!

Who is this session for? Customers, Agency Leaders, Creatives, Marketers, Project Managers, QAs, Organisers

What you'll gain from attending

By the time this session is done, hopefully I will have inspired you and identified specific people and places to go to start your contrib journey!

Who is the target audience?

If you occupy any of the following roles or have skill sets in these areas the content I've prepared will be particularly pertinent and valuable.

Customer (end user of Drupal) - Product owner, Content Manager, Site owner, Evaluators, CTO, CMO
Agency - Founders, owners, managers, sales and marketing
Promoter - Copywriter, marketing, SEO, social media
Creative - Business analysts, UX Designer, Visual Designer, Content Strategist, Translator
Facilitator - Project Manager PM, Manager / agency owner, (Events / conference organiser), Mentor
Connector - Trainer, HR, sales person, Recruiter (yes you can contribute too!)

Dries says it's important

Missed the session? No Problem!

Slides are available here complete with comprehensive notes.

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How to write a great request for proposal AKA ensure you engage the right agency


If you are a business owner, work in procurement, are a product owner or serve a client side role this is a session you won’t want to miss. 30 minutes of valuable takeaways and some honest agency side feedback on how and how not to ask people like us to deliver your next project.

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Not everyone has the good fortune of having a procurement team or has even been through the process of commissioning a new website before. Even if you have, the prospect can be daunting, where do you start?

How do other organisations go about successfully communicating their requirements, how should I go about making agencies or developers aware that we have an opportunity? What steps should we got through in the process of evaluation. What does a great agency look like? Are there ways to reduce the time this all takes?

We receive RFPs, PQQs, ITTs all the time*. Some great, some not so good. In this session I will help provide a framework from which to base your next request for proposal so that you are better placed to engage the services of an agency that is right for you.

If you are a business owner, work in procurement, are a product owner or serve a client side role this is a session you won’t want to miss. 30 minutes of valuable takeaways and some honest agency side feedback on how and how not to ask people like us to deliver your next project. You'll even walk away with our template to give you a head start.

It WILL be light-hearted I assure you!

“What are all these acronyms?” I hear you say

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Workflow in distributed Drupal agency

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Drupal 8 projects are mostly bigger and more complex than Drupal 7.  To deliver D8 projects you need a team, not only a single developer.  To deliver good quality software on time you need a good workflow. 

In Droptica we continuously improve our processes and workflow. Our work looks much different than five years ago. 

In my presentation you will find information about:

  • how we work in bigger Drupal projects (2-8 team members, 3 or more months)
  • how we handle support for our clients (development work for less than 40 hours per month)
  • how we work in a distributed  team and don’t decrease our quality (we have three offices in Poland)
  • what process we automated 
  • how looks everyday work of our developers 
  • what tools/software we use to deliver good quality products 
  • how looks the learning process in our  company

About the speaker
Over 10 years experience with Drupal. Co-founder of Droptica - Drupal agency founded in 2013. DrupalCamp Poland co-organizer. President of Drupal Marketing Foundation Poland. 

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Keynote speakers

Rowan Merewood

Developer @ Google

Saturday AM

Preston So

Director of R&I @ Acquia

Sunday AM

Sally Young

Developer @ Lullabot

Closing Keynote

Drupal apprentices

The best people to train new developers are developers

The Drupal Apprenticeship Scheme will be running a London intake in March. If you are interested in hiring an apprentice or know someone who would benefit from the scheme please get in touch via the link below.

  • Created and run by experienced developers
  • Teaches core skills and best practice
  • Extensive support for businesses and teams

We are also really keen to hear from people who might be interested in mentoring, training and helping us to develop and review training materials to make sure they stay absolutely current and relevant.

Find out more

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