13-15 March 2020

City, University London

Phased migration of the University of West London (D7 to D8)


A basic understanding of systems and system architecture/configuration will be helpful to you, but it's not necessary. This talk is designed so that everyone from beginners to advanced users will get something out of it.

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There are over 470k websites remaining on Drupal 7 and many of these will likely require months of planning and development to fully migrate to Drupal 8. For the organisations who operate these sites, developing and migrating over to new infrastructure over an extended period, especially when multiple stakeholders are involved, can often be a less than ideal situation to find yourself in.

Susan Vittery faced this conundrum during the replatforming of the UWL website, so the opportunity to deliver a phased migration was explored and settled on.

To help site owners prepare for similar significant migrations we’ll lift the hood on the D7 to D8 migration for The University of West London.

Expect an honest and open expose from both the agency and client perspective as we discuss:

The cultural and business challenges

  • How we addressed technical and human resourcing requirements for a migration
  • The challenges an organisational skills gap presents for the agency, client and visitors both technically, for human resource and reputation of the university
  • Why a phased migration was undertaken and how it was justified
  • What measures were put in place to mitigate risk

The technical obstacles we overcame

  • Strategies employed towards code, content, systems integrations
  • How we maintained both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 sites in parallel
  • The role of the product owner, project manager and lead developer
  • How we improved the process based on learnings from rollouts of early phases

And finally, was it a success and how would we do it differently in the future?

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