13-15 March 2020

City, University London

Open source has won. How do we avoid dying from success


Know about open source

Session details

Title 1:  Sustainability and future of open source.

Title 2: Open source has won. How do we avoid dying from success

Title to be decided with the rest of panelists


Join us on this panel to discuss with project maintainers, users, business owners and other actors in the open source community what's the future of open source, the challenges we are facing in our different roles, and what can we all do to make the whole ecosystem fair and future proofed.



Possible agenda to discuss (still unfinished and open to suggestions of the panellists themselves):

- Open source has already won, but it's broken. Start discussing current status

  - Everyone to do a pitch of the current situation

- How do we fix it

  - Everyone to propose solutions and ideas

- Burning out

  - How do you fight against that

- Business models

- Community models

- More...


Proposed panellists  already confirmed:


[X] - Paul Johnson (business side),

[X] - Baddy,

[X] - Rachael Lawson

[X] - Gabor,

[ ] - Vijay or Elliot (to decide if 2 devs is too many devs)

[ ] - Suzanne Dergacheva (she said she could join remotely)

[ ] - Julia Pradel (she has a distro and both as a consumer and producer of open source),


- others? I would love to make it as inclusive as possible, so maybe invite people from Wordpresss and other OSS communities, etc


Pieter Frennsen. We tried with Gabor to contact, but no success so far. He’d represent the government view (idea from Gabor)



- [Is Open Source Broken?](https://www.forbes.com/sites/adrianbridgwater/2019/11/11/is-open-source-broken/amp/?__twitter_impression=true)

Skill Level
Session Track
Scheduled day
Session Time
15.00 - 15.45




Weekend Keynote Speakers

Kevin Bridges


Michel van Velde

One Shoe, CEO

Nick Veenhof

Dropsolid, CTO

CxO Keynote Speakers

Michel van Velde

One Shoe, CEO

Nick Rhind

CTI Digital, CEO

Greg Harvey

Code Enigma, Director

Rachel Lawson

Drupal Association, Community Liaison

Carrie Lacina

Drupal Association, Fund Development Director

Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire

Open Strategy Partners, Partner

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