13-15 March 2020

City, University London

LocalGov Drupal - open collaboration between UK Councils



Session details


Session details

There are 408 councils across the UK who are spending £millions of taxpayers money on publishing platforms and regularly re-inventing the wheel.

We are working with a group of currently four councils that have decided to stop doing this and actively work together on a shared Drupal codebase. Rather than attempting to create a one-size-fits-all solution, we are understanding the needs of our various users and creating Drupal components that can be mixed and matched to suit. 

Our group is growing quickly. We were funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to explore other councils’ needs and scale the project. As part of the current work we are in active conversations with 11 UK councils and we’re receiving expressions of interest at a rate of about 2 per week.

Through working in the open and active collaboration, all councils can:

  • save time,
  • save money,
  • make things better for the end user.

Our session will cover: 

  1. The story so far
  2. Motivations to share
  3. Motivations to work in the open
  4. Resistance: Why isn’t it already happening?
  5. How we’re changing things
  6. Next steps
  7. How to get involved

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10.50 - 11.35




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