13-15 March 2020

City, University London

It's all About Drupal Contributions


No Prerequisites required for attendees, All can attend from beginner to expert level. Having basic knowledge of Drupal is plus.

Session details

In this session i will be talking about what is Drupal contributions 

Why is Contribution needed?

What are the benefits of a contributor?

What are all the ways you can contribute to the Drupal community?





Camps / DrupalCon

at finally I will talk about my personal experience like how I got improved my career after contributing to Drupal.

I will share my own journey on Drupal how I started  Drupal contribution, what obstacle i faced in my journey and how I overcame those. Now how i was one of the top people in the Drupal Bangalore community and has given a bunch of sessions in camps all over India.

It was an interesting and inspiring session for beginners, who are all new to Drupal and who are all willing to contribute Drupal but they don't know how to contribute then this session will helpful.

Please find audience response in below blog about this talk: 




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