13-15 March 2020

City, University London

Build your own D8 CI/CD Pipeline on AWS Fargate with Feature Branch Environments


Working knowledge of Drupal 8, CI/CD pipelines, git scm, AWS products, Docker, Jenkins.

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Both Platform.sh and Amazee Labs build out feature branches when committed by the developer. If you are locked into other vendors, or prefer on-prem hosting, then this session explains how you can build a CI/CD pipeline for your D8 sites based on feature / hotfix git branching. The solution offers a build step, then parallel steps of automated tests, static analysis and a persisting dev/QA playground.

The pipeline is triggered automatically on pull request creation (no deployment step) and pull request approval (deployment step). The pipeline can also be triggered manually by a dev or QA with suitable permissions before a PR is issued so progress can be checked part way through a large feature build. 

The persisting playground stands up a fully working Drupal 8 environment for developers, QAs and management to use for manual testing or simply eyeballing the new feature. 

The architecture is based on AWS Fargate - a compute service that uses Docker containers, and is supported by AWS ECR, S3, RDS, CloudFront, CloudWatch, EC2, Route 53 with Jenkins pulling the strings via AWS CLI embedded in shell scripts, and initial orchestration by Terraform and Ansible. 

The entire ecosystem can be built to work with other CMS or indeed other web apps written in different computer languages, but this presentation is specific to Drupal 8 sites. 


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