1-3 March 2019

City, University London

Anatomy of Typescript with Javascript


front end development, javascript, security, HTML

Session details

I will be talking about the use of Javascript with Typescript in today's world and how it's being useful for a large enterprise to write their code with typescript.

Typescript is becoming more popular in development to make a core in javascript type safe with zero issues with a different type in javascript. It makes application typesafe and warns the developer for violating type safety of variables, functions, enums, interfaces.

Typescript is just a superset of javascript so things which I will be talking here will be useful for all developers who write javascript in their projects.

TypeScript is based on JavaScript or calls it as a superset of javascript. The TypeScript compiler like TSC(compiler)  translates TypeScript into normal JavaScript simply by stripping out all the type information. Alongside that process, type checking is performed in order to discover type errors which we might be doing while writing javascript code, Typescript is just adding type safety on our code as writing plain javascript doesn't give us type safety.

In the session, my main focus will be on how we can setup typescript compiler with different kind of application with different compiler options which we can configure. I will cover pattern of using typescript in javascript code by adding new types like interface, enums, subtypes, abstract classes or union. I will talk about how our code can be typesafe where we can define a type for variable and return type for a function.

Key takeaways

  • Typescript compiler and compiler options
  • Type aliases
  • how to make all this working using vs-code.
  • Patterns to use Typescript in Code
  • Interfaces & classes -- hide things in classes
  • Types system in Typescript like enum, interface, subtypes
  • Generics -- make function generic
  • Anatomy of functions with typescript
  • How to add typescript in your apps
  • Build smart apps with type safety
  • You will also get a little ES6 flavor of javascript.
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Keynote speakers

Rowan Merewood

Developer @ Google

Saturday AM

Preston So

Director of R&I @ Acquia

Sunday AM

Sally Young

Developer @ Lullabot

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