13-15 March 2020

City, University London

CxO Day

We've updated the format of our CxO day, with a new venue and new hosts! Throughout the day long event they'll host a collection of speakers, an interactive networking session, including a hot lunch and drinks reception. All put together and designed to help you get the best out of DrupalCamp London.
The CxO day will be held at CCT Venues-Smithfield on Friday 13th March.


8.30am - 9.20am - Reception and breakfast

9.20am - Introduction to the day

9.30am - Meet the Room

10.15am - Session: Value Mapping

11.00am - Break

11.30am - Session: Contribution Makes Sense for your Business

12.15pm - Session: Introducing a New Association

1.00pm - Lunch

2.00pm - Meet the Room 2: I strongly...

2.45pm - Session: UX Equity

3.30pm - Break

4.00pm - Session: Taming complexity to champion creativity

4.45pm onwards - Drinks reception and chat

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Sessions & Speakers

Reception and breakfast

Check-in and chat over an informal breakfast.

Intro / Good Morning Camp Team

Meet the Room 1

Value Mapping: Building Understanding, Communicating the Benefits of What You Do.

Speakers: Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire and Tracy Evans

Session length: 50?


For your product or service, we will show you how to build what we call a Value Map. Creating a Value Map can clarify and enhance everyone in your organization’s understanding of what your product is, what it does, and build consensus around what value it delivers.


The result of this collaborative effort is a set of agreed-upon language that everyone across all roles and departments can use to describe, position, write, and talk about your work consistently. It provides a single, sane, maintainable source of truth to use when creating all kinds of assets: sales, marketing, tech roadmaps, hiring materials, and more. 

The Value Map helps developers and technical roles see and understand the connection between their work, down in the details of technical implementation, as part of delivering value to your clients and their respective missions. It helps sales and marketing departments communicate confidently, knowing that their big gestures and rhetoric are backed up by technical reality.

Use the Value Map to

  • Build your communication and marketing strategy and marketing campaigns

  • Create content and communications materials

  • Inform your technical feature roadmap, priorities, and planning

  • Build a competitive matrix with your competition

  • Plan site and information architecture 

  • And more …


Contribution makes sense for your business. Here’s how the Drupal Association is providing the plumbing to drive that success

Speakers: Rachel Lawson, Carrie Lacina

We hear from all quarters that contributing to open source projects, and Drupal in particular, makes sense for our business. But what does that mean for your organization?

Carrie Lacina and Rachel Lawson, the Fund Development Director and the Community Liaison for the Drupal Association, will take us on a journey through how the Drupal Association and Project work to ensure that your business is recognized for contributing which can grow both the project and your organization. . They will demonstrate the diverse ways that contribution happens right now, and how that will evolve and expand in the future. They will detail the infrastructure that the Drupal Association supports to create Drupal Champions and amplify their contribution and expertise to the community and even potential Drupal customers/end-users

Introducing a New Association

Speaker: Greg Harvey

Last year at DrupalCon Europe there was absolutely no representation from the UK at the meeting of global associations. More generally, there is a current lack of coherence with regard to our approach to supporting, teaching, promoting and marketing Drupal in this country. There is no association for the UK, aside from Scotland there is no association for devolved regions, nor is there one for England. There are successful regional groups and events, but there remains no combined marketing or promotion.


Interactive Networking - Meet Market

The dedicated networking session has been refreshed and will allow you to share your experiences and knowledge whilst getting involved with the other attendees and speakers.

UX Equity: The added financial value of a good User Experience for your business, brand and Drupal project.

Speaker: Michel van Velde

Creating and designing an excellent user experience can improve the value of your company and minimise the development costs of your project drastically. This is what Michel van Velde, founder and brand strategist at creative & digital agency One Shoe, calls UX Equity. A great user experience (UX) as a driver for profit potential. In this keynote he explains the 8 most important UX KPI's you can use to calculate the value of UX, explains the difference between Brand Equity and UX Equity, gives detailed examples, explains when to choose out of the box Drupal versus headless and introduces multiple ways to calculate the return on investment (ROI).


Taming complexity to champion creativity

Speaker: Kevin Bridges

Managing an agency that delivers compelling digital experiences in a precise and competitive field is a challenge that by necessity takes many of us out of our comfort zones. Teams must be able to work together successfully in a culture full of inspired, highly creative, passionate individuals and an ever expanding list of tools and technology. In this session we will review some of the complex considerations and challenges an organization must navigate in order to access new opportunities that are changing the way that we do business.

 Complexity arises throughout an end to end work cycle: starting from defining business goals, aligning a product with those goals, facilitating communication between product and technical teams so that technical can have input and execute predictably, handing everything to sprint planning while accounting for testing, validating what is delivered before it's released including documentation, releasing it, and building the communities necessary to support users and drive the future roadmap. whew.

 How can we bring all these pieces of a business together to execute effectively? We'll look at the specific challenges and solutions you might examine for your team and how those choices will impact efficiency and open the door to new possibilities.

Drinks and Chat

Keynote speakers

Kevin Bridges


Michel van Velde

One Shoe

Greg Harvey

Code Enigma

Rachel Lawson

Drupal Association
Community Liaison

Carrie Lacina

Drupal Association
Fund Development Director

Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire

Open Strategy Partners

Tracy Evans

Open Strategy Partners

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Getting here

Address - CCT Venues-Smithfield, Two East Poultry Avenue, Smithfield, London, EC1A 9PT 



Nearest Tube stations:

It's roughly a 10 minute walk from each station below.

Chancery Lane - Central Line

Farringdon - Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan Line

Barbican - Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan Line

Full travel instructions can be found on the CCT Venue site.





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Agiledrop - Trusted Drupal teammates

Weekend Keynote Speakers

Kevin Bridges


Michel van Velde

One Shoe, CEO

Nick Veenhof

Dropsolid, CTO

CxO Keynote Speakers

Kevin Bridges


Michel van Velde

One Shoe, CEO

Greg Harvey

Code Enigma, Director

Rachel Lawson

Drupal Association, Community Liaison

Carrie Lacina

Drupal Association, Fund Development Director

Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire

Open Strategy Partners, Partner

Tracy Evans

Open Strategy Partners, Partner

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