13-15 March 2020

City, University London

Categories & Judging Criteria

The Drupal Camp London Awards categories are inspired by the official categories from the international Splash Awards. However, we decided to identify the best submissions first and then acknowledging their performance in different categories. Therefore a really good project can win in multiple categories. All submissions are reviewed by a professional and independent jury. The nominated cases are judged on the criteria below. 


Category Definitions


Drupal solutions whose purpose is to sell products and services. 


Websites that serve as online identities for corporations, organisations, businesses or professional individuals. These sites may promote, market or provide information and a point of contact for products, services, corporate individuals or companies involved in on or offline commerce.


Websites for charities and charitable organisations whose primary purpose is helping people or other worthy causes.


Education in the broadest sense of the word. Sites that are educational, promote education, or provide online curriculum or education services. This category includes educational content for children or adults, resources for educators, and “distance learning” courses. Includes sites for schools, educational institutions, e-learning platforms or websites with educational content.

Government & Public Services

Websites and platforms developed for the local, regional or national government. Political movements also fall within this category.

Publishing & Media

A category where the focus is on content-driven platforms. The platform invites you to immerse yourself in the content. The content can be found quickly and easily, for example through a clear site structure or smart use of filters and a search function.

Social & Community

Websites creating and facilitating online community, connectedness and/or communication around shared interests. These sites can target either a broad-based or niche audience. Their purpose may be business or pleasure. They may use friend-of-friend connections to form a social network or use technology to make the connection. Includes dating and matchmaking sites.


For all projects that are healthcare-related or promote personal health and well-being. These include sites for healthcare providers, hospitals, medical services, prescription medicine, alternative medicine, general health and fitness.

David and Goliath

Impressive projects by their size, according to age, time spent and budgets.

Winner of the Hearts

This category is for the best overall projects participating in the Drupal Camp London Awards.


Judging Criteria

Business case

Ultimately, online environments are developed with a purpose. Increase sales, lower costs, provide a better brand experience, etc. Do the results show that the goals have been achieved or even exceeded?

Community value

Drupal is an open source platform and owes its existence to the community behind it. All cases are judged on the value it returns to this community. This can be code, for example modules published on Drupal.org, but also indirect contributions, such as spectacular cases and well-known brands that use Drupal which contribute to the marketing of Drupal.

Concept & Strategy

The plan behind the website. Is the concept clear, unique and consistently implemented? Does the website tell a clear story? Does the chosen strategy and the final elaboration of the product fit the objectives that served as the starting point of the project?

Design & UX

Everything that is visible for the end user, including UX, motion and visual design on both desktop and mobile. Good design is of high quality, fits the target audience and supports the message that needs to be conveyed.

Quality of execution

"Details are not the details. They make the product." - Charles Eames. Quality aspects such as SEO, performance and accessibility can not be ignored while judging the cases.


On a scale from "a lighthouse project everyone should take as a leading example" to "just another website relaunch", how relevant is this project?


Technology, the engine of every platform. Websites must be fast and function properly. In addition, the application of Drupal is being considered: is this in accordance with standards? Perhaps an innovative way to implement Drupal? Extra complexity such as integrations with third party systems is also considered.

Weekend Keynote Speakers

Kevin Bridges


Michel van Velde

One Shoe, CEO

Nick Veenhof

Dropsolid, CTO

CxO Keynote Speakers

Kevin Bridges


Michel van Velde

One Shoe, CEO

Greg Harvey

Code Enigma, Director

Rachel Lawson

Drupal Association, Community Liaison

Carrie Lacina

Drupal Association, Fund Development Director

Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire

Open Strategy Partners, Partner

Tracy Evans

Open Strategy Partners, Partner

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