13-15 March 2020

City, University London

Why attend the weekend event

About the weekend

DrupalCamp London brings together hundreds of people from across the globe who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal platform. It’s a chance for Drupalers from all backgrounds to meet, discuss, and engage in the Drupal community and project. 

Over the weekend we have 3 Keynote speakers, a choice of over 40 sessions to attend, BoFs (Birds of a Feather) talks, contribution, lunch provided (both days), and a Saturday social. With all the activity there is something for everyone to get involved in. 

The event is held at City, University of London on Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th March 2020. Reception and breakfast from 8am with our first keynote speaker at 9am. A full schedule of times and speakers, and sessions will follow.

You can see more about what happened at our 2019 weekend event below


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Benefits of attending


Over 400 people attended the weekend event every year, coming from around the UK and the world. Not all attendees are devs either, with a fair share of managers, designers, C-Level, and UX leads there's a great opportunity for all skillsets to interact with each other. Big brands use Drupal (MTV, Visit England, Royal.gov, Guardian, Twitter, Disney) and this is a chance to meet with people from those companies to compare notes, and learn from each other.


As above, the chance to meet so many people from various skill sets is a great way to line up potential interviews and hires for any aspect of your business. At the very least you'll be able to meet interesting people for any future potential hires.

Marketing & Raising company profile

Attending an event with a huge turnout is a great way to meet people and talk to them about what you and your company does. Embedding your name within the tight knit Drupal community can attract the attention of other companies. 

Sponsoring the camp means that your logo and additional information can be seen around the camp, in tote bags given to attendees, and online. The social and sponsors stands are the perfect chance to talk to other companies and people attending DrupalCamp, to find out how they use Drupal for their benefit.


DrupalCamp isn't just for Devs, over the weekend there are sessions on a range of topics including community & business, UX, and general site building/using Drupal. The technical topics aren’t only restricted to Drupal as well, giving developers (and others) the ability to learn more about core coding concepts and methodologies. The methods and techniques learnt aid the day to day development as well as helping with long term work being carried out.

There’s not just the sessions either, BoFs (birds of a feather) sessions are ad hoc get-togethers people can arrange on any topic, allowing a free discussion to share ideas.

Warm fuzzy feeling/giving back

Drupal (like any open source software) wouldn't survive without the community. Camps and other events allow that community to come together and see first hand that they’re giving back to a community that helps power their tech, maintains their interests, and enables them to make a living.

From the 2018 attendees that opted to share their reason:

Reasons for attending DrupalCamp London


DrupalCamp London is a fantastic opportunity to learn, meet old friends and make new friends, network, and give back to the community. Tickets are only £64.50, book yours!

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Get involved

There are various ways you can get involved with DrupalCamp London


Sponsoring is a great way to help the camp and the community. We have various packages available and in return you'll be thanked online, on social media, in our printed material, email newsletters, as well as around the venue over the event as well (depending on sponsorship level)! You can see the various packages available as well as how to get in touch over on our sponsorship page.


By buying tickets and attending the event you'll get to see first hand how the community can come together. You'll get to learn, meet new people, and gain new experiences from Drupal.


Want to get your hand dirty in code, help test, or update documentation? Then contributing is for you, not just for seasoned devs contributing is open to everyone. With each room having a contribution mentor you can gain advice and guidance on giving back directly to Drupal.org. Find out more about contribution and sign up on our contribute page.

Submit sessions

Sessions are short talks given by people on a range of available topics. Lasting up to 45mins (the speaker can use as much or little of this time as they want) it's a great way to learn something new or something more about a topic you already have an interest in. Fancy submitting a session? We have had many first time speakers of the years and will help as much as we can with any questions and prep. You can find out more about the sessions and submit on our sessions page.


We couldn't run the weekend without a group of volunteers helping us. You can apply to volunteer over the weekend on our sign up page. Volunteers gain a free ticket to the camp.


BoFs (birds of a feather) sessions are ad hoc get-togethers people can arrange on any topic, allowing a free discussion to share ideas. You can create your own or join someone else's BoF. BoF submissions open soon and can be created up to and over the weekend event as well.

Previous attendees 

Some of our previous attendees can be seen below. Freelancers, contractors, agencies, clients, and more all come together to learn more about Drupal, where it's going, and how it can be used.

2019 and before attendees



Any many more!

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Acquia - Experience digital freedom
Agiledrop - Trusted Drupal teammates

Weekend Keynote Speakers

Kevin Bridges


Michel van Velde

One Shoe, CEO

Nick Veenhof

Dropsolid, CTO

CxO Keynote Speakers

Kevin Bridges


Michel van Velde

One Shoe, CEO

Greg Harvey

Code Enigma, Director

Rachel Lawson

Drupal Association, Community Liaison

Carrie Lacina

Drupal Association, Fund Development Director

Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire

Open Strategy Partners, Partner

Tracy Evans

Open Strategy Partners, Partner

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